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Scorpio monthly horoscope

Dec 2018
The month may begin on a heavy note, with you being stressed and tensed to become successful. You feel a burning desire to earn name, fame and wealth overnight. Blame it on the influence of aggressive Mars over Moon moving through the 12th House. Here, Ganesha advises you to be patient and channelize your aggression in the right direction. Thinking too much about the situation which is not in your hand will only leave you disheartened. Another important aspect that demands your attention at this juncture is finance. As combust Jupiter and retrograde Mercury do not seem to push your financial prospects, you need to be very cautious while handling money matters. Buying, selling, spending and saving – all of it requires a close check. However, you have absolutely no qualms in carrying out day-to-day expenses. Businessmen shall come across a good chance to connect with overseas companies. A partnership/association is quite likely here. Make optimum use of technology, use the internet and update yourself about this new company. Employees will be highly content with their current job profile. In fact, you may even consider relocating abroad. It may be a tough call to take, but eventually may yield good results, proving a boon for your career. Everything may be hunky dory at the personal front. Going on a long drive with your partner, enjoying candle-lit dinner and rekindling romance shall keep your mood upbeat and jovial. Singles – pay attention and listen to what your heart says. The person you are looking for to fall in love is somewhere around you – may be your friend. Finally, you seem to have found your New Year’s Eve date! Stars are favouring couples who are contemplating parenthood – it’s a matter of time before you hold the bundle of joy in your hands. Students pursuing graduation are likely to get serious about studies; no wonder they study hard and come through with flying colours. Overall, the health shall be good. Only that sudden changes in the season may affect you adversely. Try some home remedies to keep away from viral and bacterial infection. Exercising regularly will help you to build immunity.

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