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Scorpio monthly horoscope

Apr 2017
Mars, the ruler of your Sign, shall be posited in direct opposition to your Sign, as the month begins. This influence will keep you energized and active on work front. Do keep your diplomacy and drive handy this month, dear Scorpio. You will need them in ample measures. On 4th, Venus reenters its Sign of exaltation, Pisces. If Venus in your Natal Chart is retrograde, this retrogression of exalted Venus will present encouraging opportunities for growth, forecasts Ganesha. The planetary alignment of luminescent Moon with Libra over the weekend can whip up intense emotions. You may be overcome by a strong desire to strike big and strike fast. However, Mercury turning retrograde may pull back the reigns and not let you gallop ahead. By the 15th of April, Venus becomes direct in motion. This higher Venusian energy will enable you to related in a more balanced and diplomatic manner. Retrograde Saturn in the 2nd House from your Sign may drain out your finances slightly. You need to keep a check on your personal expenses. Refrain from taking undue risks for short term gains. There should be strategic planning, decision making and adequate financial goals. Also, while making a budget, keep enough provisions and funds for exigencies, exhorts Ganesha. The month end will witness a planetary bustle. Mighty Sun enters Taurus, while Mars shifts into airy Gemini. Mars and Saturn posited opposite each other is indicative of incurring expenses for an urgent family requirement. The last week of April may witness some discontent brewing in the family. Handle this tactfully and with due restraint. Do not try to assert yourself aggressively. Use tactful persuasion techniques to prove your point, if you really have to, hints Ganesha. Don’t ignore health of your own as well as that of a loved one.

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