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Scorpio monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
You shall enjoy the new-found positivity as the month begins, and you may go all out to achieve your goal – personal as well as professional. This is mainly possible due to Moon, the ruler of your 9th House of luck and fortune, which is transiting through your Sign; it meets Jupiter, which also is in your Sign. However, as both the planets are in the retrograde mode, Ganesha advises you to set realistic goals, rather than build castles in the air, which may just vanish with a poof! Things on the relationship front look quite comfortable and content, especially for the lovers. Love is in the air and soon shall be transferred on to the wedding cards… Yes! Tying the knot is in the offing. For those who are married, disputes in the family shall take up most of your time and energy. Here, instead of resolving the matter, you choose to stay away from it due to the discomfort you experience – a typical Scorpion trait comes to the fore. Couples who are planning to have a baby may need to visit a gynaecologist for advice. In a neck-deep work and already committed to their office, singles will have no inclination about a new relationship. On the business front, it’s a good time to plan an outstation or overseas trip to rope in new clients and expand the business. However, be vigilant about the steps you take; keep your eyes and ears open. As the month progresses, you may come across some good news about your business prospering with leaps and bounce. In a job, keep a low profile and focus on your work and career prospects. Hone your skills or try to take up some activity that will add to your job profile. Towards the end of the month, Venus transits to Gemini – the 8th House from your Sign. This planetary movement shall prod you to take it easy. On the health front, digestive troubles like acidity shall give you sleepless night; include fibre-rich food like fruits in your diet for a speedy recovery.

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