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Scorpio monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
You will spend a good part of your time this month, pushing for excellence in your field of activity. You may even deploy funds to achieve desired results. However, looking at the position of Saturn and Jupiter, it is not advisable to undertake any major financial ventures for the moment. Don’t worry, though. A series of planetary movements will augur well for you in the coming days. Mercury becomes direct in motion. Mars moves into dual natured Virgo. Jupiter being a natural benefic is likely to help you manage you expenses comfortably. Time seems encouraging for singles to enjoy intimacy with a close companion. Those wishing to enhance their prospects, note that Venus posited in the 10th House, looks conducive for organizing plans and thoughts. Following a plan will help you reduce stress and produce quality work, recommends Ganesha. You will also be motivated by Rahu in company of Venus. Businessmen may be eager to spread their wings and seek high worth partnership. Probably, pumping in more capital may yield better results now. However, those employed may face a short period of slump. You may be dissatisfied with your current assignment. But hang in there, as there seems to be no way out! Remain motivated, adopt a new mindset and do your best. By mid month, there will be some more encouraging news for businessmen and professionals. However, be very clear and categorical about payments and other conditions, if a new deal comes your way. Venus moves into Virgo, the 11th House from your Sign. Mars, Venus and Mercury together will improve your efficiency and performance. After a good run for three weeks, you could feel a bit low about your overall progress, due to debilitated Sun, at the moth’s fag end. But, you will soon bounce back with ample spirits and energy. You will remain solidly determined to make all efforts to achieve your aspirations. However, any significant financial decisions should be kept on hold for the time being.

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