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Scorpio monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
Early in the month, Mars – your Sign Lord – exchanges Signs with Jupiter – and transits through your 2nd House. Although this planetary alignment heralds a good time for your money matters, Ganesha advises you to refrain from important finance related decisions. Meanwhile, focusing on work is fine, but doing so at the expense of your health is incorrect. Health and fitness must remain your top priority. Some old ailments may re-surface, or you may remain stressed. Your personal well-being is also threatened, as Sun and Rahu are pitted against each other. Martian aggressiveness is good – but it must be reined in to a certain level – for your own good. Courage is nice, but recklessness is not! Borrowing or lending money should be avoided. 12th thorough 16th may be a rather uneventful time – but utilize this period to recharge and revitalize yourself. Don’t mope around, if there is no visible progress. Spend time with your loved ones, and find inner peace. Uncertainty and instability may scare you a bit, around 17th. That is why – it is a must to work on your resilience. 18th and 19th bring better vibes. Studies and research are benefitted by Jupiter. Exalted Venus in the 5th House rings happy bells for marriage and love, though you may still be somewhat mellow. Post 21st, though, when Venus comes out of combustion, you will feel attractive and more confident. Work continues to be busy, though your creative bent will help you achieve more in less time. You will feel refreshed, if you take up a new course or hobby at this time. Or, start a fun-filled exercise regimen, like dance or yoga. 26th and 27th are the days ruled by emotions. Although, this is not new for you passionate beings, it would be best to maintain some balance. Get out of this mood, and enjoy the planetary bounties. Love birds can take this time to further their relationship, while others can simply enjoy the social scene. It’s a great time for learning and growth – so don’t lose any stone unturned, if you are a student.

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