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Scorpio Profile

Gender – Female
Sign – Water
Ruler – Mars
Day – None
Colours – Crimson, vermillion, deep reds of all hues
Gemstones – Turquoise, ruby, topaz
Symbol – Scorpion
There are very few people who can actually fathom, let alone penetrate, the true depth of a Scorpio. People born under this sign can be like icebergs, with less on the surface and more hidden beneath. This makes it very difficult for others to truly know them. Yet ironically, they take great pride in their own ability to read people’s motives, and uncover deeply embedded secrets. There’s no need to worry though, as they dig for information more out of curiosity and less out of a desire to gossip Scorpio is a trustworthy and discerning friend.
Scorpios take their own sweet time to get attached to people. They are extremely sensitive and intuitive, so are naturally on the backfoot in relationships. They start with an aggressive instinct, then move to intellectual analysis, and once the other person clears both these tests, they love and trust them more unconditionally than any other sign. They may have a jealous and possessive streak, and will demand unswerving loyalty from their partners, in return for theirs. If you dare to cheat a Scorpio, be prepared to face their eternal wrath, as they never forgive or forget.
Scorpio possesses an innate drive to do what they feel needs to be done. No matter how long it takes, and how much energy the Scorpio has to put in, they are relentless and can wear down the hardest of people and things. They are power freaks, and believe that only with power comes wealth. They have lofty dreams about money and power, and put in every effort to make the dreams come true.
Scorpio does not like being bossed over or controlled – too much interference can affect their work as well as personality. Hence, they naturally gravitate towards roles that involve leadership or ownership. As bosses or as colleagues, they can be incredibly stimulating people, and give colleagues and subordinates breathing and thinking space. Scorpio can be brilliant at fields like investigative journalism, research, pathology, and finance.

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