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Scorpio weekly horoscope

08-12-2019 – 14-12-2019
Despite a lot of activity surrounding you, you would be in a groove of your own and would prefer finishing tasks, for which you may have some priorities. The focus would be on building partnerships and getting results for pending tasks. You may be perceived by others as being overambitious, but then it is about your aspirations, so it’s better to go ahead. You would be able to spread the happiness you would be feeling within, in the people around you. If you currently are not involved with anyone, it is quite possible that you may meet someone. Emotions are often more volatile during a retrograde. So strive for clarity and balance in your communications so that misunderstandings may be minimized. This may motivate you to perform efficiently and give your best. However, some glitches may hinder the smooth running of routine activities.

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