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Taurus-Aries : Earthy Taurus may prove to be a total contrast to Airy Aries – one wants to commit, the other wants to be set free. It all begins well with romance in the air and compliments flowing like champagne. The differences begin to crop Read More

Taurus-Taurus : When the going is good, this duo can be the epitome of a loving couple, having romantic dinners by candlelight, and dedicating songs to each other. It’s when their similarities kick in that trouble starts brewing in paradise. They Read More

Taurus-Gemini : This is a sign that comes with many red signals, prime among them being their differing moral systems. Taurus is a believer in absolutes, while Gemini propounds relativity. So while the former may want the whole truth and nothing but the trut Read More

Taurus-Cancer : When earthy Taurus and sensitive Cancer come together, it’s natural for love to be happily in the air, but this couple can actually lay on the mush too thick. They are united in their need for emotional and financial security, Read More

Taurus-Leo : Looking good is a priority for both these signs, so chances are that’s the first thing they will notice in each other. Their magnetic attraction can dazzle the socks off their partners, and luxury and beauty flow through their veins. Read More

Taurus-Virgo : These two earth signs take their own sweet time getting comfortable with each other. Like still waters that run deep, they are both extremely intense in their affections, and can be equally strong in their dislike. Once they let go of their Read More

Taurus-Libra : The magical combo of steady Taurus and airy Libra is one that is sure to ignite the senses. Venus is the ruler of both signs, so this charming duo can set the shutterbugs rolling when they step out into town. They can seamlessly Read More

Taurus-Scorpio : The sheer electricity that this pair can generate is enough to light up a whole neighbourhood. Scorpio with its intense emotions is adept at bringing out the feelings that Taurus keeps simmering below the surface. Emotions run deep with these two, and anything Read More

Taurus-Sagittarius : Their take on life may be poles apart, with Taurus’ conservative outlook at loggerheads with Sagittarius’ utter disregard for rules. And yet, they find many of their tastes mirrored in each other – from comic timing and work attitudes, to Read More

Taurus-Capricorn : When two people are so well-tuned to each others’ needs, it’s a foregone conclusion that the relationship is headed towards “happily ever after”. Style icons in their own individual ways, both signs are not just well turned Read More

Taurus-Aquarius : Taurus is normally the steady one, with a strong moral compass and deep attachments, whereas Aquarius is the free bird – laidback, carefree, and commitment-phobic. The magic begins once they get together; others witness a role reversal of Read More

Taurus-Pisces : Love and sensuality are best expressed through the language of poetry and music, and who knows it better than these two hopeless romantics? This combination is one of such companionship and sheer compatibility that it warms the hearts of all who see it.Read Morebr/>

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