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Taurus daily horoscope

You may find it hard to stop the impending outflow of cash while shopping today, says Ganesha. You aren’t the one to be dominated and God help anyone who tries to dictate terms to you today. You may end up spending a small fortune, more than lavish to be precise, on the opposite sex today.

Yesterday ( 25-08-2019 )
Never dig a well when your house is on fire, says Ganesha. You will realise the importance of saving money for future needs today. You will feel uneasy in your routine and may feel the urge to get away from the chaos of things. Evening might see you spend a small fortune on loved ones and leisure, predicts Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 27-08-2019 )
You will feel the burden of financial responsibilities on your shoulders today, says Ganesha. Do not let expenses bother you. Money will come to you from unexpected sources later in the day. If you can maintain an impartial judgement, then you will yield wonderful results on the financial front, advises Ganesha.

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