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Taurus daily horoscope

Today, you are likely to be more reckless than ever in splurging your hard earned money. Ganesha strongly advises you to leave your credit card at home today. Using it for making purchases will only make matters worse. Money wise, be very careful in your business dealings, about the commitments you make. Chances of investing your entire savings on a single offer, and thereby losing them, are very high.

Yesterday ( 02-12-2020 )
Be careful, says Ganesha. All your calculations and conclusions, plans and moves are likely to go haywire. Time and again, you could fail and, ultimately, get frustrated. Even simple and obvious things are likely to get you worked up. Knowing that you are basically gentle, benign and large hearted, your friends and elders will rally round and provide you the help and advise you need. Things will finally get sorted out.

Tomorrow ( 04-12-2020 )
As concerns of your future grip you, you will start working on a method to improve things today. It is a day of moderation and there will be neither an insurmountable problem nor a eulogistic high to brag about by the end of it. Things might get dull around the evening, but be patient as the new sunrise will have more exciting prospects to offer, says Ganesha.

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