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Taurus daily horoscope

This day you will be compelled to be resigned to your fate. Ganesha does not see your own will power in operation today. Though you would be surrendering yourself to the whims of destiny, do not expect anything good to come out of it. You are likely to take wrong decisions and go of course. This is one of those days when you are liable to feel extremely lost and lonely. Have no fears. The day will pass, like any other day.

Yesterday ( 09-05-2021 )
Today, you will probably achieve your short term goals, says Ganesha. There will be no dip in the amount of work pressure you will be facing but you will find yourself ready for every challenge. It is time to shift gears and set your eyes on your long-term goals now. Due time and money will be spent on leisure activities in the company of loved ones.

Tomorrow ( 11-05-2021 )
You may face conflicts on the personal front and find your thoughts leaning towards aggression today, says Ganesha. There is a possibility of suffering losses due to loved ones. Exercise restraint in arguments with relatives and siblings, advises Ganesha.

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