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Taurus daily horoscope

This day, you can’t afford to take chances with your health, says Ganesha. If there is the least sign or symptom of illness, go consult a doctor straight away. As you are going to be unusually prone to injuries and infections, it is advisable that you stay at home. Over exertion is bound to weaken you and affect your physical condition. If physical work is unavoidable, stick to light and effortless things.

Yesterday ( 17-10-2018 )
You are going to be exceptionally intense in the way you communicate your emotions and feelings. You will, no doubt, succeed in making the impact, the impression you are striving to make, says Ganesha. You will be so involved in this that you are likely to get caught in the mysterious and magical web of relationships. You are advised not to get too mixed up in inter personal affairs and focus on more meaningful things instead.

Tomorrow ( 19-10-2018 )
This day you are likely to face some health problems. Ganesha urges you not to expose your self to any kind of risk and take even the faintest symptom of illness seriously. Visit a doctor without delay. You could, otherwise, be bedridden for quite some time. Today, you may, unfortunately, be running after greater profits at the cost of family welfare. Do remember. Money may be extremely precious, but certainly not the most precious thing in life.

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