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Taurus daily horoscope

You analysis, estimates and decisions, your planning and implementation is likely to be wayward and error prone. You could, thus, fall short of your targets today, warns Ganesha. Every thing you do is likely to be misplanned and misdirected. You are advised to maintain focus, and stick to the basics. Be watchful about your miscalculations and take corrective measures before things get out of hand. Take up financial matters later in the day. Things will work out better.

Yesterday ( 09-12-2019 )
You will be feeling listless, lazy and out of sorts today, and will tend to ignore and neglect important tasks scheduled for the day. Ganesha urges you to guard against this tendency as you could miss out on opportunities that others could then benefit from. That way, you will surely lose out professionally, particularly if you are in business. This aside, the day promises to be an eventful and fruitful one.

Tomorrow ( 11-12-2019 )
Almost as if crafted by Cervantes himself, you might wake up today feeling passionate and quixotic. Make up and make overs may be on the cards as you will have the urge to be groomed. Once you are done without yourself, you will shower others with attention, says Ganesha.

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