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Taurus daily horoscope

You will focus on nurturing the positive aspects of your life today, says Ganesha. You might exhaust yourself mentally trying to set things straight. It would be better to brainstorm with someone close to you or approach people whom you have differences with. The nitty-gritty is fine, but do not forget the larger picture, suggests Ganesha.

Yesterday ( 24-04-2018 )
There is a chance that your analytical ability will get noticed today by your boss, predicts Ganesha. Such an analytical skill will add to your awareness and wisdom in the afternoon. You might go on a shopping spree to buy cassettes, CDs and similar electronic gadgets, expects Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 26-04-2018 )
You may feel frustrated and stranded in family matters today, says Ganesha. Shower your warmth and care to make up for past mistakes. Your spouse will be supportive and lend you a helping hand to regain your mental composure. Reciprocate with intimacy and go with the flow, suggests Ganesha.

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