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Taurus daily horoscope

All is not likely to go well during this day says Ganesha. Though you will sail smoothly most of the day, problems are very likely to come up. At the professional level you are not likely to face obstacles or difficulties. Your relations with your parents turn awkward and unpleasant. You could be getting into a serious argument with them and thereby displease and disappoint them. You need to respect their views and wishes and if necessary tender sincere apologies, if necessary.

Yesterday ( 22-07-2018 )
This day you are going to be particularly conscious of your beliefs and principles. You will be very proud and sensitive, and are not likely to brook any adverse comment or criticism. Anyone who dares to question or deride them will get a fitting response from you. Ganesha, however warns you to be more tolerant of others’ views and beliefs. Intolerance, particularly in the form of sharp and acidic retorts, could alienate some important persons.

Tomorrow ( 24-07-2018 )
You are not likely to take anything lying down today, says Ganesha. If you find anyone plotting and planning against you, you will not be too polite in dealing with them. Violent outbursts could make you lose the grace and dignity you are known for. You could end up regretting your actions and having second thought about your beliefs and principles. In the evening you could be prone to minor injuries. Avoid physical work.

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