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Taurus Male in Love

The Taurus man likes to bide his time and patiently wait for love to come into his life. He is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and so is moved by a pretty face just as he appreciates all forms of beauty including art and music. He wants and needs security so would be perfectly happy for a once-a-week meeting with his lover – as long as it is as regular as that. Although he is not the ‘hearts and flowers’ type he makes up for it by being loyal, true and kind. He may not gush and spend loads of money on his partner (in fact, he is very attached to money so will probably not go overboard on gifts), but he will always be there for his girlfriend/wife and will listen to her woes without complaint. The way to a Taurus man’s heart is likely to be his stomach – my advice is plenty of potatoes along with other carbohydrates and sweet stuff. And he’ll be very susceptible to everything that turns on his senses – perfume, cashmere jumpers spring to mind. He’ll like plenty of cosy nights in, watching sport and comedy programmes or a good film on the video – with you of course. As a fixed sign, your Taurus man is not likely to have a wandering eye (although may take a peek at the pretty girls walking down the street, of course). In bed, he will love touching and kissing you and will appreciate soft skin. But after a while it may get a little predictable so it might be up to you to introduce a few tricks to keep the interest alive. He may love gardening and, like a plant, his love needs daily watering to keep the flames alive. They may not burn brightly but they flicker constantly – and hopefully will never go out.

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