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Taurus monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
Money, you always hope you had a bit more, right? This month you’ll look for some simple, yet effective ways to earn extra. You will be keen to make some clever moves to push ahead your growth prospects. Businessmen and professionals will try to seek high worth customers out of station to enhance opportunities and earnings. With Mercury direct in motion, you may just find luck around the corner. You could also go ahead and make some judicious investment now as planets seem favourable, inform Ganesha. The 2nd week is expected to herald joyful times with exalted Moon passing through your Sign. At this point, you will begin to understand your current situation in detail, identify leaks and simple solutions that will help you get on ahead. Benevolent Mercury will continue to shower its blessings and facilitate encouraging openings to gain monetarily. By mid month, the pace of growth may slow down and you may encounter roadblocks. You are likely to get anxious and edgy. Saturn posited in the 8th House from your Sign could add to your worries. To make matters worse, Sun moves into Libra and becomes debilitated. By the end of the month, you’ll be in a confused state of mind. On one hand, you’ll be raring to go, on the other side dark clouds will prevent you from seeing the target clearly. This will agonize your further and you may feel like reviewing your strategy. Certain amount of introspection and self-analysis here could help you get back on track once again. A methodical approach may help disperse the clouds and bring forth clarity and confidence about future action plans. Do not get distracted by seemingly good options for work, instead remain well focused on task at hand. Translate inner discontent into positive force, recommends Ganesha.

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