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Taurus monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
The month shall begin on an optimistic note, relieving you from miscellaneous stress and tensions. All thanks to the Venus, your Sign ruler, which entered its own House over the last weekend. You shall start working at a good pace and continue throughout the week. However, the onset of the second week, you are likely to be in a belligerent mood. Ganesha uses a word of caution here for the Bulls, especially if you are into business. Mercury is in retrogression, so, if you are planning to sign a new deal or launch a new product line, postpone it temporarily. And signing on the dotted line is a strict no-no as of now. A strong possibility of technical or power failure is foreseen here. The situation for the job-holders and professionals shall be as they are. Let your creativity speak volumes about your work; put in ideas and efforts in your work to get noticed at the workplace. There may be times when you shall be restless, eager to take risks and want to make it big. But, Saturn makes you aware of ground realities and aid in being practical here. As the month progresses, domestic, familial and personal matters become the focus. You may not want to miss a chance to lend support to your near and dear ones. At the same time, self-esteem and self-worth shall be extremely important. If there is animosity brewing between you and your spouse, which is a high probability, try to break the ice and resolve the matter. The ruler of your Sign Venus shifts to the dual-natured, airy Sign Gemini – your 2nd House. This implies positive bearings in areas related to finances and family. A retail therapy and shopping are on the cards too; no wonder your material possessions are likely to increase. This development will have no adverse impact on your wallet; you shall be able to manage the expenses smoothly. Singles may grab a chance to spend some time with the special one and enjoy cosy moments. On the health front, watch each step carefully; a small injury due to fall or accident is quite likely here.

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