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Taurus monthly horoscope

Jan 2020
In terms of finance, you will have a better inflow of cash this month. However, you may have to keep a tab on your expenditure. In terms of your career, this week will be incredibly hectic for you. Even with the hectic work front, you will be energetic as you complete your pending tasks. This phase will be favourable in terms of your personal life. You are likely to spend a lot of time with your beloved. The two of you will be able to connect on an intellectual level. In case of any disagreements, you are advised to deal with the matter in a calm way. This phase will be pleasant in terms of your personal life. You will enjoy a great time with your spouse or partner. If you keep a calm mindset, disagreements will be easily resolved. It will be wise to treat such situations with maturity. As for your finance, if you wish to invest in the stock market, consult a financial expert before you invest, or it will be a loss. Around the middle of the month, you are likely to face a few issues this week. If you do not resolve minor issues, they could blow out of proportion. You are advised to let your partner deal with situations on their own.

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