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Taurus monthly horoscope

Aug 2019
This month will overall have mixed results for you, most of them being positive. Avoid getting into arguments with your younger siblings and your father. Your romantic relationships will remain pleasant during this month, and you will spend more time with your partner. Your health will also remain great during the month. If you are a foodie, you might suffer from minor stomach and digestion problems. People suffering from ulcers and acidity should regularly take their medicines. Business owners will find moderate success during the month. Large scale businesses may experience sudden changes. Employees will find it hard to maintain their routine, and they may have to move away from their hometown for work. They will also remain dissatisfied with their work. Married people will see a lot of ups and downs in their lives, and hence, it is advisable that they maintain a compromising attitude towards each other. New relationships should be handled with extra care. Sex and romance life will also suffer from some turbulence during the month.

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