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Taurus monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Are you wondering, why the luck doesn’t seem to be on your side? Or, why some roadblocks that you had experienced in the past have re-appeared? Well, blame it all on the retrograde Saturn – and continue moving ahead. We are not planets, so we have no option to go back – all we can and should do is – move forward, reminds Ganesha. In relationships, be the one with a bigger heart and smaller ego – take initiatives to address and resolve the ongoing issues. Don’t play blame games, and certainly don’t dog out the skeletons from cupboards. On 9th, you are astute and insightful, which helps you take advantage of the available opportunities. Be loving and respectful, towards your elders, as their blessings will help you tide over a troubled period. Soon, your Sign ruler enters Virgo – your 5th House. This pushes you to develop a pragmatic approach, and also indicates better times for new and creative actions. More good news comes when Jupiter becomes direct in motion, around the same time. Heave a sigh of relief! On 16th, you are thinking about some long-term equations – or you may actually be working to reinstate their lost charm. Love makes a grand entry too, but in marriage, you still must keep aside your ego and arrogance. At work, stars ask you to put the best foot forward. Work hard, and don’t leave any loopholes. By 23rd, Sun moves to your 4th House – Leo. Home and heart take the centre-stage. You will be running around getting some repairs done, on 23rd/ 24th. Expenses are foreseen. You manage somehow, though there may be plenty of grumbling. Be positive! When the weekend arrives this time, strangely your mind is full of thoughts about work and action. On 29th or 30th, you are packing your bags for a short business/ work trip. Keep yourself charged up – and eat well. However, with craft Mercury in retrogression, be on guard when you travel, as chances of miscommunications are high. Also, steer clear of major decisions and paper work – for now.

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