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Taurus Profile

Gender – Female
Sign – Earth
Ruler – Venus
Day – Friday
Colours – Pastels and blues
Gemstones – Emerald, topaz, coral
Symbol – Bull
Unlike the sign of the bull that represents it, Taurus usually likes to go slow and steady. This can work decently well but they need to beware of taking too much time and losing out on opportunities in the bargain. Traditionally a determined and strong individual, Taurus possesses great innate drive to obtain what is needed, whether it is money, a lifestyle, or material comforts and possessions.
Taurus may come across as detached, because they create a barrier to prevent people from seeing how emotional they really are. When Taurus finds the right one (and s/he may wait for years to do so) they will give them their unswerving loyalty and fidelity. At the same time, they need constant reassurance of their partner’s love, as they are prone to bouts of deep insecurity.
Taurus is adept at working steadily towards achieving what they have set their hearts on, and prefer indulging in activities that earn them respect, social status, and a place in the community at large. This quality leads to them being naturally attracted to professions relating to medicine, investments, architecture, and defence.
Taurus is usually a safe player, and only takes big risks if s/he foresees a good money-making opportunity, or a better future for their families. They are also great lover of culture and beauty, so there is a tendency to live the good life – from art, drama, music, and dance, to fine dining and haute couture, Taurus is a believer in them all.

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