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Who Is Ashwin Pathak?
Shree Ashwinkumar Pathak, formerly an English teacher in Ahmedabad, has initiated and promoted a special drive to serve as many seekers and people in society as possible by singing with them “Sundarkand” from Shree Ram CharitManas by Tulsidas. This “Sundarkand Awareness” drive or a movement has gradually increased its popularity since its start in the year 2000, not only in and around Ahmedabad, but also in distant cities, villages, and abroad including the USA, UK, Africa, Kenya , Canada and Australia. Many seekers and devotees of Shree Ram and Hanumanji have fondly continued their periodic recital of Sundarkand sing-along path at their own facilities with the help of inspiring recordings of Ashwinkumar Pathak’s devotion-filled voice. One’s wellness and self-improvement through prayer and sincere shraddha (faith/trust) in the Eternal Lord may materialize in terms of experiencing a miracle or not readily explicable to our common senses. In fact, Guruji always remind us that HANUMANJI is an INSTANT GOD with whom you can talk and He listens.

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