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Virgo daily horoscope

Expenses will mount uncontrollably today, and they will be mostly wasteful in nature. However, positive energies are gathering momentum, and Ganesha says you would do well in making full use of them, both in your personal and professional spheres.

Yesterday ( 09-05-2021 )
You obviously provide all the basic necessities of life to your family, but today you will remain preoccupied with the thoughts of how to provide them some luxurious things too. At work, try to adopt a new line of thought. Ganesha says in the evening you may treat your dear ones to dinner at a luxurious restaurant.

Tomorrow ( 11-05-2021 )
All the work done in the past will reap rich rewards today, says Ganesha. You’ll direct things your own way, and in no way would you take orders from anyone. But don’t go overboard with all the authority and keep a cool, calm head.

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