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Virgo monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Sometimes, silence is the strongest. When a tricky issue tests your patience, in month’s beginning, take your mind and yourself away – and let the things take their own course. Ganesha is not advising detachment or running away – just a little more discretion and control. Two planets Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde now – so things are, obviously, not easy. Just go with the flow! Too many planets are influencing your 12th House, which may create confusions and increase your expenses. Listen to others, be open to criticism, and assess your spending capabilities properly. Conserve your resources – emotions and energy included. If you are planning to have a religious trip, since long time, but haven’t yet found a right opportunity – stars send you some fortuitous opportunities for it, on 9th and 10th. Jupiter is turning direct soon, so take advantage. This will also refresh you. Around 11th, Venus moves to your Virgo. Venus gets debilitated, so the positive effects may not be much – but whatever little they are – just stay poised to get befitted. A positive and optimistic disposition matters. On the family font, stay close to your siblings, as they may need your attention. Support their ambitions and aspirations. On 16th, Venus and Moon in your Sign indicate romance and dreaminess. Are you feeling attracted towards a friend or buddy? Go, open your heart! Finances, business and gains improve with Jupiter’s direct movement. However, work front remains weakened. Environment may be negative, and the slow paced progress may irritate and frustrate you. Stay on track – determined and motivated. Health needs extra care. Around 23rd, Sun makes an entry in its own Sign Leo – your 12th House – and is now in the company of crafty Mercury and malefic Rahu. All of these batter your zone of expenses, losses, unknown and spirituality. To add fuel to fire, the retrograde Mars traverses in opposition to these planets. Financial front looks vulnerable, so don’t trust people with your money. Exercise extreme caution on every front, including health and day to day routine. Unexpected loss or injury is likely. Meditate, pray and continue to keep a calm disposition, especially after 25th, when Mercury also turns retrograde. Get your mojo back by relaxing on the month’s last weekend, Even on the 30th, you don’t seem to be in a mood to get back to work! Review, reflect and relax – find time for love.

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