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Virgo monthly horoscope

Apr 2020
During this phase, you may remain strong on the financial front. You may be able to manage routine and incidental expenses with ease. During this phase, you may need to be careful about your health. Singles might meet someone and fall in love. If you do, it may be a good time to get married. Students might not be able to devote quality time to their studies. Those who wish to pursue higher education abroad may be successful. On the financial front, your situation may remain stable. However, you may incur some major unexpected expenses. Ganesha advises that you keep enough funds for an emergency, and plan your finances accordingly. During this phase, the atmosphere within the family may be joyous and pleasant. During this phase, if you are to make any friends, exercise caution. Stay away from people who have drinking issues, or are destructive. You may again be affected by past ailments. During this phase, you might do well to take care of your eyes, especially the right one. If you have any issues with it, visit an ophthalmologist. Singles in a committed relationship might feel a lot of pressure from their partner to get married. They may need to tackle the situation with tact. Be aware, as this period may also bring a major health scare. If you feel any discomfort, visit a doctor immediately. Undertake regular and complete body check-ups during this time.

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