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Virgo monthly horoscope

Jan 2020
This phase is likely to be eventful for you. You and your partner may have disagreements. However, you are advised to deal with such situations with maturity and to focus on the bright side. The two of you will be able to resolve your differences by the end of this phase. As for finances, there will be child-related expenses like their education and other requirements. For single, the middle of the month may not be all that ideal in terms of relationships. As for married or in a committed relationship, the phase will prove to be extremely favourable. However, you are advised to maintain caution if you wish to make your relationship official. You are likely to be in a generous mood. It will be one of those times where you believe in giving more to others than being at the receiving end. It will bring you great pleasure in making your loved ones happy. This generous attitude of yours will attract many people to befriend you. The end of the month will prove to be extremely fruitful. You will be much in love with your spouse or partner and will be able to spend ample time together. You will be able to take the relationship to the next level as well. As time passes, the two of you will enjoy a deep bond of togetherness.

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