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Virgo monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
You not only want to improve your financial position but also wish to provide the best facilities and luxuries to your family. In turn, you may be anxious about various ways through which you can enjoy a huge, stagnant inflow of money. However, Mercury in retrogression may be obstructing you from all the rewards and recognition that you deserve. And, you are in no mood to take risks, even though luck is on your side. So, the best thing here is to wait for the right time to strike back. Around mid-month, business and trade are all set to flourish as your expect prosperous times in the weeks to come. For professionals, finally, it seems to be the end of wait and promotion and increment is on the cards. This eventually may lead to increase in work load and over time. Although it is good to keep yourself busy to push ahead your career prospects, don’t let it affect your health – food intake and sleep cycle, to be precise. Things are likely to go awry on the relationship front. Something may seem to be bothering you – your partner’s rude behaviour, negligence, uncooperativeness or lack of commitment. It’s better to pour your heart out and talk with an open mind rather than let the relationship die a silent death. Being a good communicator, you have the art of resolving issues amicably; try it. Happy times are likely to return during the mid-month as you have this strong desire to enjoy the life to the fullest. A short trip to the beach or a picnic over the weekend sounds a good idea! In short, this is just an excuse to spend time and bond with your family; don’t miss it. Love birds may be brimming with affection and dreaming about their D-day! Moon meets Rahu in your 12th House – and both of them get influenced by Mars. This astral picture will make you see things larger than they are. Here, you will go on a shopping spree, and may even over-spend to give your wardrobe a classy makeover. However, keep a check on your purse/wallet. Excess of everything is bad, warn Ganesha. Save some money for health disorders in future as middle-aged are likely to suffer from ailments; be careful.

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