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Virgo monthly horoscope

Apr 2017
April will be a mixed bag for you, Virgo. There will be some good things, and a couple of bad things in store. While your finances will be satisfying and will get the smiles, your work life will be disheartening and cheerless. Retrograde Venus exchanging Sign with Mars may hold your prospects of noticeable monetary gain. But hold on. Dear Venus comes to your rescue. Venus, moving in retrograde mode, reenters its Sign of exaltation, a dual natured watery Sign, Pisces, from around Tuesday to save the situation for you. You will remain in a strong financial situation with strong earnings and strong cash flow. Handle matters related to money cautiously here, recommends Ganesha. Lucky days are from 10-20 of April. However, on the work front, you might have a challenging phase. Time management could become your biggest stumbling block. You need to work within a given time to be efficient, says Ganesha. Mercury turns retrograde at the beginning of the second week. In view of this, pause and reevaluate your past decisions and strategies. Mark out flaws in your planning and think of ways for improving. Dear Venus will come to your rescue by becoming direct in motion by the 15th. Your work may now get streamlined. Your toil and stress may reduce and your goals may seem more achievable. Around middle of the third week, mighty Sun shifts into a fix natured earthly Sign Taurus and get posited in the 9th House from your Sign. By the end of the month, Mars enters dual natured airy Sign Gemini, ruled by Mercury and Venus reenters fiery cardinal Sign Aries. Both these movements portend well. Your financial condition will get an impetus once again, making you forget your dreary work performance. A word of caution from Ganesha before the month wraps up: Deal with challenging workplace relationships with composure. Do not be in a hurry to settle scores. Give priority to resolving differences amicably.

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