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Virgo monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
With Rahu passing through your 12th House, you have to be on guard against losses and expenses, for almost the whole year. Month’s beginning too may see a surge in your expenditure. Watch out! Thankfully, with Mars passes through your 4th House, you may come across quite a few chances to make extra money. But, don’t take anything or anyone new on the face value. Take your time to judge a person or opportunity, says Ganesha. Around 3rd and 4th, you invest more time at home, dealing with repairs, grocery shopping and, of course, spending sweet moments with the loved ones. Health shines, and all your efforts should be directed to keep it glistening. This year, Jupiter traverses your 3rd House – and from there it directly aspects your 9th House i.e. linked with luck and fortune. So, whatever challenges surface on 5th through 9th, you will be saved from any long-term damage. Smooth day to day routine will enable you to spend some fun times with your cousins, siblings or relatives. Work remains fine, but if you are studying, you will have to work hard to ward off distractions. In business, you may be averse to risks. The results may be delayed here. Mid-month, there may not be much happening, much to your dismay, but sometimes, a slow pace is a blessing. Look at the brighter side. Parties, flirting and social mingling will bring you pleasure. On 19th or 20th, you may be too lazy, which may lead to your missing out on some opportunity. After 21st, the cosmic weather gets shinier, what with the Goddess Venus regaining its lost strength. Now, you can expect progressive forces to work effectively. Love fills the air – slowly but steadily. You will also be in a mood to spruce up your appearance. Health improves and keeps you in a good frame of mind. Don’t lose your focus from worldly and professional matters, though. And, there still may not be much comfort for the married folks. Towards the month end, a discount or sale may push you to spend indiscriminately. Also, be vigilant and guard yourself from injuries.

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