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Virgo monthly horoscope

Dec 2018
The month may be full of surprises – good ones and not-so-good ones. But, that doesn’t deter you from being jovial and cheerful. What bothers and upsets you the most is an argument/dispute on a personal front. And you are not the one who would leave a loved one in pain. Let the differences be – ceasefire, clarify, apologise and make up. After all, you value the relationship more than your ego, right?! On the professional front, you are likely to come across many opportunities to move forward – sometimes you hit, at times you miss it – reason: your laid back attitude. Nevertheless, you don’t seem to be losing anything in the game. Around 17th, you may seal a lucrative deal, which eventually may give you hefty returns and a swelling bank balance. Combined influence of Jupiter and Mercury over the 10th House shall work well, especially for businessmen to negotiate, make new deals and rope in valuable customers. This development will surely put you in a strong position, financially as well as professionally. However, the stars may not favour the promotion/increment of the job-holders and this may make them impatient and irritable. Moreover, with the ruler of your Sign Mercury being in retrogression, things are likely to get delayed. But, hold your horses, for you never know when the planets start favouring you! Meanwhile, you may wish to indulge in spiritual or religious activities. Making donations to help the needy and poor shall make you feel better. Looking for or buying a property or giving a new look to an old one are other miscellaneous activities that will keep you occupied this month. Lovers and live-in couples – it’s time to ready your wedding finery…your prayers are finally being answered! Wedding bells are just around the corner! Thanks to the position of Jupiter and Venus, which seems to be highly supportive of starting a new chapter of life. Students pursuing graduation may have to burn the midnight oil and work very hard to achieve their academic goals. Health, for a change, undergoes no trouble for now. Touchwood!

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