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Virgo monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
You will enthusiastically seek the path to wealth and prosperity. You are eager to build a strong and secure future for yourself and your family. You will try to remove all encumbrances that come in your way through hard work and perseverance. The beginning may be fraught with personal and incidental expenses as four planets are posited in the 12th House, but with Mercury becoming direct in motion you will be more in control of your money. Business person and professionals will gain from efforts put up earlier, though those employed may still be left wanting for something more challenging, informs Ganesha. Planet Mercury will put you on track once again. It will prompt you to put things in order and search for perfection. You will also get a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Saturn will show you how to soar over obstacles and keep applying yourself prudently, while Jupiter will keep your growth prospects alive. At the beginning of 3rd week, Monday blues may catch up with you. But soon, you will become conscious of your responsibilities and work towards the same. Sun and Mars present in your Sign will keep the fire burning. As the month rolls on, you will realize that tact and diplomacy work wonders in achieving goals. Here, Sun leaves your Sign and enters an airy Sign Libra. Libra is good at creating a sense of balance. In the last week, someone in a close relationship will suggest some good ideas to you that will help you formulate new strategies to push forward your interests. You will be attentive about occupation related activities. According to Ganesha, Mercury now in your Sign Virgo will push you towards excellence. Those employed will continue face difficulties. Thankfully, amidst this sweat and struggle you will make time to enjoy and rejuvenate yourself. Take care of your health.

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