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Virgo monthly horoscope

Mar 2017
Begin your month on 1st with a creative class. Stars are sending some creative flourish your way now, so take advantage. Finances remain sorted, but try not to invest your money in a new scheme, when someone tries to convince you on 2nd and 3rd. Over indulgence in spicy food may make you sodden on 5th and 6th. So, say no, and pass up that plate full of (drenched in oil) paneer chilly dry. 6th may see you anxious about a personal or relationship issue. Try talking it out, even if you are busy and immersed in work. But, resolve this amicably! Retrogression of Mars and Venus in 8th House from your Sign is indicative of some issues. Health needs care. And, if you cannot seem to make any progress, go with the flow. A past issue may open up. Deal carefully and diplomatically, says Ganesha. 13th brings finances and family matters to the centre-stage. Ruler of your Sign Mercury shifts into Aries to join the company of retrograde Venus. This shift will inspire you to think about a future course of action. Influence of aggressive Mars over Saturn may act as a wake-up call. 19th won’t be a good day to party hard. Rest and relaxation are very important, reminds Ganesha. 20th brings a conflict, maybe a mental one. But, you shall manage to soar over obstacles, making determined efforts to march ahead. Pressing deadlines may push you to work for extended hours on 23rd and 24th. Or, is it a court date that’s keeping you on your toes on these days? 27th and 28th are not days when you should lose your confidence. Yes, the tide may be low, but you still have a lot in you. This is a conducive time for developing your personality and skills. So, go ahead, join a class or a likeminded group. And, end the month as you had started it.

Important dates
6, 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29

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