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Virgo Profile

Gender – Female
Sign – Earth
Ruler – Mercury
Day – Wednesday
Colours – Orange, yellow, ochre, cream, brown, red (earthy colours)
Gemstones – Marble, agate, Aquamarine, hyacinth
Symbol – The Virgin
One of the most complex signs, Virgo is a treasure trove of secrets. What you see is very often not what you get with Virgo; what they think and what they say are poles apart, and this can confuse those who do not know them well. And yet, Virgo has supreme clarity on what they want, and who they will allow entry into their lives. So any trespassing of the boundaries set by them will merit either a rebuke, or a look that will speak volumes. Also, since they are highly sensitive to the vibes of people around them, they are good judges of character.
A Virgo likes to be in control of her/his life, whether financially or emotionally. Although they have immense flexibility and can adapt rapidly to changing situations, they need to carefully think things through before they jump. They experience a sense of freedom at being able to write the rules. This freedom extends to relationships, so while a Virgo loves being pampered, they also appreciate being given their space. In return, they will be loyal, devoted, and unbelievably realistic in their expectations from their partner.
Virgo is the eternal worrier of the zodiac. Although extremely amiable and reasonable by nature, they can drive people up the wall with their need for absolute perfection in everything they do. With their innate powers of analysis and observation, Virgo can easily see where a mistake lies, and tends to either use subtle charm to get someone to do it, or often take it upon themselves, as they believe they will do the task best.
Virgos make excellent employees, considerate towards their colleagues, conscientious, and ever willing to learn and take on new responsibility. They realize that to achieve a perfect picture, all the pieces need to be in place. A Virgo very rarely wants to be in the limelight at work; they prefer to work behind the scenes. They have excellent vocabulary and a quick wit, and articulate themselves superbly, so a lot of them will be in the fields of writing, copywriting, or journalism. They are also attracted to healing and nutrition, and are eternally in pursuit of the perfect diet.

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