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Virgo weekly horoscope

19-01-2020 – 25-01-2020
This week, you are likely to be in a generous mood. It will be one of those times where you believe in giving more to others than being at the receiving end. It will bring you great pleasure in making your loved ones happy. This generous attitude of yours will attract many people to befriend you. Even in terms of finances, this phase will prove to be fruitful. However, you may have to incur some expenses in regard to your children. Career-wise, you may experience a few minor setbacks; however, it would be wise not to let those deter your confidence. You must continue to work hard and think of such incidents as learning experiences. Students, on the other hand, will have an exceptional phase. You will outshine your peers by doing well in your academics. To make things better, you will also enjoy good health during this phase.

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