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Virgo weekly horoscope

20-09-2020 – 26-09-2020
You will need to keep a check over your temper tantrums and be considerate towards everybody. This will help you maintain harmony within your relationship equations, which, in general, do not seem to be very promising. There is a distinct possibility that you will spend a lot of money purchasing items of luxury and personal pleasure. However, we recommend that you do not go overboard in spending money. Salaried employees will be brimming with enthusiasm and positivity! They will astound everybody with their excellent performance and will deliver more quality output than was expected by their superiors. Students pursuing graduation must learn to ward off any distractions during this period. They will take more time in learning important concepts and memorizing what is necessary effectively. There is a probability of falling prey to some kind of a viral infection. Refrain from eating any kind of junk food. Daily exercises will help you remain fit.

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