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Aquarius daily horoscope

You always see the larger picture, and desire to channelise all your energies towards making things better. Such positive approach makes you an excellent team player, and enables you to bring novel ideas and effective solutions to the table, says Ganesha. You will be the life of every party you will go to today.

Yesterday ( 23-10-2021 )
The day is taxing. You may find that others have dumped their share of work on you. But you are not one to admit defeat, and will deal with the challenge squarely, says Ganesha. You will outwit your opponents, and toast your success by starlight!

Tomorrow ( 25-10-2021 )
Metaphysics and philosophy have aroused your interest. Instead of spending a huge amount on books on these subjects, Ganesha suggests that you keep a balanced approach and practice spiritual discipline. It’s also high time you changed your dietary habits.

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