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Aquarius yearly horoscope

According to the Vedic Astrological outlook, the year is likely to give you more experience than usual. In the initial months, you may see a rise in tension due to Saturn being in a 12th house. The weak position of Jupiter may add to the woes. Many of the plannings may not be as per schedule. For some, these events may be discouraging. As the year progresses, the events may turn in your favour. The good part is that the transit of Jupiter is considered auspicious regarding finance, marriage, wealth, romance, marriage, education, profession and even in expanding social circles. Thus, you may see an expansion in your life in the above areas. On the financial front, the initial months may be stringent. A steady rise in expenditure may put you in a dizzy at times. There may be occasions when the expenditure may be more than the flow of income and force you to rely on credit. Make sure such credit is only restricted to a short term. Gradually, from the middle of the year, you may expect a steady rise in income and the second half is better than the first half. The year is promising for those looking to invest in property. As far as romance and love are concerned, you may come across someone important. The emotional connection with the new person may sow the seeds of romance and love. You may be filled with love. Soon you may also decide to settle down through marriage and your emotional bond may turn into a legal bond. On the academic front, the transit of Jupiter may make all your planning for higher studies auspicious. Your dedication and efforts may pay off well. Students who have planned their studies well can be successful. Dedication and hard work are the core of success. If you have a good education, the future is promising. Natives looking for new opportunities may get them. Students may enjoy good campus placement opportunities by clearing all basic tests. On the health front, natives need to be more careful. If you are particular to take proper diet at an appropriate time during the day, it might get disturbed due to an increase in appetite. So you have to be careful about your intake. This will help you stay fit.

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