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Cancer daily horoscope

When the going gets tough, it’s better to go with the flow. But you belong to a school of thought that believes that in such troubled times, it’s better to stay out of water altogether. Since it is not your day today, you are likely to postpone all important decisions and work. Ganesha approves.

Yesterday ( 14-06-2021 )
You will tackle with ease, even the most confounding challenges today. You may be the scapegoat, though, fears Ganesha. Beware, or this may shake you and lower your self-confidence. Try to shake off your weaknesses, and you should see yourself obtaining energy and positivity.

Tomorrow ( 16-06-2021 )
You will begin the day with a definite plan for a bright future. You will resolutely implement plans that you have made thoughtfully. Such methodical decisions will save you a lot of time in the future. Ganesha says that you will succeed in every endeavour today.

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