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Cancer yearly horoscope

For Cancer natives, the year may be slightly challenging as Jupiter is in Capricorn which can increase your challenges and difficulties. But Saturn is known for rewarding hard work, so the natives may get through this and change their fortune for better. At the same time, Jupiter in Aquarius which is known for curbing impediments, may also not be able to put a complete pause to the obstacles. Thanks to the Jupiter transit in Leo which may be the reason you would see a continued rise in your income in the initial months of the year. Your cash balance may improve which may change your fortune. However, Saturn in Capricorn may double your expenditures. Also, you may see a spike in expenditure just because of the transition of Jupiter in Aquarius. so, be a little careful and don’t rush to any temptation. On your personal and romantic life, there may be some challenges due to misunderstanding which may cause fightings. Saturn dwelling in the house of a partner may cause misunderstanding and lead to fights and personal clash. You are advised not to be firm and harsh upon your point of view. As far as academics is concerned, the year may demand a lot of efforts. Luck may be tough. This year may be mediocre for skill-enhancing. Yes, you may take up vocational learning as it would improve your working knowledge for the year to come. For career-oriented people, this period may be a year of effort and not for leisure. You may be putting double effort to enhance your value in the company which would be favourable to elevate your position. There is a warning for those who are looking for a business partner as Saturn aspecting in your sign may not let you progress. On the health front, Saturn in your house may make you sluggish and affect your night sleep. Tension may be a common fact to worry. However, Jupiter in Aquarius may cause serious ailment this year. For natives who are into accumulating wealth, you should use the money for the appropriate purpose. Married people may see some disturbance in their life. Thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius, it may enable the support of elders who would help in resolving a difference of opinion.

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