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Capricorn yearly horoscope

According to the Vedic Astrological outlook, the year is likely to be a year with heavy transits. This would make you introspect and induce you to make adjustments. The decision you would take will decide the outcome of your action. So, it is advised to think deep before taking any action. On the financial front, the Saturn would make you spend money, but on a calculative note. Saturn, being the lord of finance, and Jupiter brings the house of loss, the amalgamation of both may make you work on an irrelevant and secondary project. Planning your investment and controlling your expenses may be the first step towards creating sound plans. If married, you may guard your savings for future commitment. On the love front, the upcoming year may improve the bonding between the two of you. As Jupiter is out of friction, thus, you would be happy with your partner and enjoy some beautifully romantic moments. On the academic front, the year would be good for students pursuing higher studies. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn may make you pursue subjects like Finance, Language and Engineering. The transit of Venus would give a boost to creativity. You may even take one of these subjects in your master and major in the same. This may help you in career decisions. As for Career and Business, the year is good for career growth and for those who are stepping out of high school and university exams. Although the first two quarters may be challenging, the second half would be full of opportunities. A little patience may help. For employed, the year may bring progress. Returning to hard work might be interesting, but you need to be serious. As for health, the duo of Jupiter and Saturn may make your year stressful. Despite this, you may be quite conscious regarding your health and maintain a perfect diet for being healthy. Jupiter in Aquarius may bring grace to your life. On the wealth front, the year may be a little slow but steady to improve your wealth position. For businesspersons, the year is not good for any major investment. Thus, try avoiding long-term investment schemes. On the Nuptial front, the year is going to be very good for those who have decided to marry. Since starting, many new proposals may knock your door. The interesting part is that you may marry the person whom you have known for ages.

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