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Gemini yearly horoscope

As per the Vedic Astrological analysis, with the support of luck, the year would be good and with minimum obstacles for natives. You may readily put an end to all the old issues and begin afresh. During this year, many of your planning may get actualised if timely executed. So fasten your seat belt for a much much better ride of 2021. On the financial front, you may see a rise in your income. Your investments may turn rewarding. Going for long-term investment may prove favourable. However, take expert advice before trying any risky investments. This may help you optimize your gains. As for romantic relationships, the year may be good. Singles may find their special someone. The aspect of Jupiter on Libra may be quite rewarding. Libra in the house of romance, for Gemini natives, may prove auspicious. Thus, the year is good for natives already in a relationship. Some couples may finally decide to settle down in a married relationship. As for education, the year is favourable. Students may feel highly enthusiastic and energetic to learn new subjects. Saturn in the house of Capricorn may cause you to learn a new practical course. Jupiter may improve your theoretical concepts. So, overall, the period may be wonderful for the Gemini natives. On the health front, you may witness gradual subsiding of your ailment. You may find all your health problems slowly becoming weak. Medication may help you recover most of your ailments at the earliest. One area that you may need to be very particular is your diet. Be all the more careful during February, May and September 2021. As far as your wealth is concerned, you may see a better phase in amassing wealth. Gemini natives may plan to acquire property, commodity and even seek credit. Thus, the asset base is likely to be much better this year. For marriage, the year would conclude well for many natives. If you had any breakup in the past, the year would slowly enable you to forget the past and see the new light. Single people may find a good partner which would enable them to lead a beautiful and good life. Thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius, this year is a special year for Gemini people. This year may be supportive and reduce all the obstacles. You may put an end to the old issues and make a fresh start. During this period, all your planning may find a way if executed promptly with focus. So, be ready for a much better ride in 2021.

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