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Leo monthly horoscope

Oct 2021
Saturn and Jupiter are likely to have good effects on you. Leo, this may bring positive events around you this month. You may get the feeling of stars shinning brightly upon you. You may undergo a feeling of calmness and optimism in your life. Fortunate moments during this time may also make you feel gratified. At the workplace, luck may favour you, as you may be design new advancements into things that may be close to your heart. There may be beneficial options that may assist in making progress at office. Businesses are likely to thrive this month, lest you take measured risks. This may enrich your financial condition. However, some dissatisfactory results may disappoint you in the early part of the month. Things may get better around mid-month as chances of taking the delights of worldly pleasures and luxuries may surface . This may seem to be an auspicious phase of events and fortunes in your life. With help from Venus you may slowly move towards betterment in your personal life. By the end of the month some rejuvenating experiences may brighten your spirits. You may get a feeling of regaining lost magic and energy in your life. Academically, a sincere approach and a responsible attitude towards studies may contribute in achieving excellent grades for students. Health parameters may function normally with no major ailments for the month.

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