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Libra monthly horoscope

Oct 2021
Libra, your supporting and guiding nature may bring an air of goodness to your near and dear ones. Your offered help may be not only shine as a powerful light on others but also benefit you to a great extent. In relationships, your attempts to keep a balance between growing your romantic relationship and yourself, against your commitment towards your group partners or tasks may get you off limits. Hence, it may get advisable for you to invest your energy prudently. A feeling of hopelessness and negative thinking may obstruct you from living a happy and cheerful life. All the same your loving and caring nature may surface in certain circumstances. This may envelope your near and dear ones with a feeling of warmth and security. With support from beloved ones you may feel happy and contended. It may be a favourable time to take tasks off the back-seat. Get ready to welcome a new life with open arms. In case, of doubts about making a fresh start, learn to interpret your goals first. In professional matters you may feel like undergoing an examination. Despite making a mark through your work attainments, you may face situations wherein reminding your peers about your strength that may be unavoidable and crucial. Compulsive buying and spending instinctively may lead you to do something unjustifiable. Therefore, you may need to be alert from falling prey into things that may bring unwanted issues for you. Make sure you sit and examine your current physical state, as it may help you to energize and stay cheerful.

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