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Sagittarius weekly horoscope

21-05-2017 – 27-05-2017
Over the last weekend, Sun moved to Mercury-ruled Gemini, joining the company of its friend Mars. However, together the two will be in an opposition aspect to the mighty Saturn. Remaining cool headed and tactful will mean – half the battle win, at this time, tips Ganesha. There may be some differences of opinions with authority figures – at home or at work. Don’t be aggressive, for your own good. Do not misbehave with your boss or dad. Take care of your dad, uncles, grandfather and other male elders in family. Moon meeting Venus, at the week’s beginning will keep you in a romantic and easy mood. Singles will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with a new-found love. However, planetary positions may not allow this privilege to the married ones. At the same time, cohesive influence of wise Jupiter will not let the situation get out of hand.

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