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Sagittarius yearly horoscope

As per the Vedic Astrological view, the year is likely to bring many surprises for all age groups. Prosperity, success, and fortune are likely to manifest across the year. Even education and higher studies are likely to be impressive. As the year progresses, you may experience luck supporting you. The initial months may be spent planning your activities. Energy level may be high and so will be your enthusiasm. You would prefer to be meticulous and try to leave no stone unturned. The effect of good planning and execution can be seen during the first three months. This is also the period when you may expand your social circle. The association with new friends may turn out to be beneficial. Moreover, if natives are looking for someone special, then they may find one. As for finance, your work may lead to an increase in income. Having Saturn in the 2nd house of income and family, you may witness the perfect balance of two. At the academic front, pursuing mass media and planning to pursue the same can find success by enrolling in a reputed institute. It may give you a recognition that you have been looking for. This is also a good year for pursuing a master programme. Natives who are into business and professions may experience excellence in a delayed fashion. In the initial three months, you may see reviews of your past work. This may involve brainstorming and even identifying new avenues to explore business. Just make sure, your business plan is perfect and flawless. On the health front, the year may be more progressive. You may be conscious of your diet and fitness. Good sleep with reduced mental stress may make you more emotionally stable and fit. On the wealth front, you may see a rise in finance through various sectors. Income and expenditure may see an act of getting balanced. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is ideal to analyse various plans and verify their feasibility. Chances are high that you can easily convince the financial institution of your steady repayment track record to enjoy a good deal. As for marriage, natives dating each other for a long time may tie a nuptial knot soon. This year, you may witness many ups and downs and differences of opinion. The transit of Jupiter in Aquarius may reschedule your marriage. There are chances of silly arguments that may lead to a temporary separation, only to get patched up later. The only advice is to put restrictions on ego clashes as much as possible.

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