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Scorpio weekly horoscope

24-10-2021 – 30-10-2021
If you are someone who is looking forward to bringing a new change to their life, then this week is likely to bring you good opportunities. It may be a relationship where a recent breakup may cause you worries, but you are soon likely to realise everything has a shelf life. You may accept this as a reality than regretting the pain of loss. If you are married and raising kids, you are likely to be proud of your children’s achievements and they may bring name and fame in your life. However, it is advisable to keep your excitement to yourself as it may bring a false sense of confidence to your children. Those who are working in multinational companies may get a chance to travel overseas for work purposes. That also means that you are likely to be given a task and expected to complete it in the given time. It is advisable to not deviate from your focus and channelise your efforts in the right direction.

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