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Taurus daily horoscope

You are likely to turn excessively self centred today, says Ganesha. This could cause you to be very insecure. You will have a tendency to control and dominate others. There is a likelihood that you may, thereby, jeopardize important relationships. You are advised to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of all those you come across. Do not allow your selfishness to get the better of you, leading you to alienate those who matter.

Yesterday ( 23-10-2021 )
You are likely to be mentally alert and watchful today, says Ganesha. Creativity will run through your veins no matter what you attempt. You may dabble in performing arts, designing, graphics or special effects. Your charm will play Pied Piper to the opposite gender today.

Tomorrow ( 25-10-2021 )
There are chances that it will be an enormously idealistic and unrealistic day for you, says Ganesha. It is an auspicious day to get your hair groomed. You will possibly begin some beauty treatment and make changes in the way you look today afternoon. Special attention awaits your beloved.

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