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Virgo weekly horoscope

13-06-2021 – 19-06-2021
Matters related to the Government, bank or the court may get resolved. Businessmen will conquer all kinds of competition with the help of a financier. Students will be required to work diligently and hard to achieve desired results. Students will remain very enthusiastic for their studies during the last three days of the week. Salaried employees may be bestowed with arrears, midterm bonuses, monetary awards and other incentives. There is also a distinct probability of availing financial assistance from a bank. An overseas trip related to work is also a possibility. Romantic outing, a visit to a garden, restaurant or a movie with your partner during this time may also be on cards. Every moment that you spend with your partner will be absolutely enchanting. You must be extra careful about your health during the last days of the week. There is a possibility of suffering from minor issues related to thighs, kidneys, legs or your throat.

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